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The visual nature of LaBay’s work varies from time to time, but she always finds unique ways to combine materials. For inspiration, LaBay revisits significant events from life experiences. Rather than creating a realistic portrait of those experiences. She seeks to create metaphorical interpretations.

Julia LaBay Darrah is currently instructing at the University of Toledo Department of Art. She is also the Curator for the Blair Museum of Lithophanes. She received her BFA in sculpture at the University of Toledo in 2012 and her MFA from Bowling Green State University in 2015.  She also manages her own design company.


Her work has been shown regionally as well as nationally at galleries and museums including the Toledo Museum of Art, Northern Kentucky University and Mary Grove College Detroit, MI.

LaBay has won several awards and grants for her artistic creations. Most recently was awarded a grant to create a body of work for the Interactive Art Festival for the Toledo Arts Commission.  

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